Disney caught spending almost $200K on Anaheim Council candidates

Disney’s Hidden Hand in the Anaheim City Council Race

By: The Voice of OC

When Anaheim City Council candidate Steve Chavez Lodge told a television reporter last month that he had only received the maximum allowable $1,800 campaign contribution from the Disneyland Resort — perhaps the city’s most influential political player — the comment was accurate.

But it wasn’t the whole truth.

While $1,800 is the total of direct contributions made by the mega-resort to Chavez Lodge, he and fellow council candidate Jordan Brandman — both darlings of the city’s business establishment — have received much more indirectly through a few political action committees (PACs) that are heavily financed by Disney.

All told, Disney has pumped more than $189,000 into four PACs, according to a review of current campaign finance reports. And those PACs have spent more than $111,000 promoting Brandman, Chavez Lodge or both. The PACs have also contributed $10,200 to Lodge’s and Brandman’s campaigns, the records show.

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