Wreck it Ralph is anything but a wreck

I took the kids to see the Wreck it Ralph movie yesterday.  We loved it!  The cast was amazing.  Click here to see whose voices were featured in the film.

The Wreck it Ralph character was voiced by John C. Reilly, one of my favorite actors. You may remember him as Will Ferrell’s friend and competitor in Talladega Nights.  He also starred in Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story and in this year’s “The Dictator.”

Wreck it Ralph also features Sarah Silverman as an adorable go cart racer, Vanellope, and Jane Lynch as the tough as nails leader of a platoon of video game soldiers.  And Jack McBrayer, of 30 Rock, plays Wreck it Ralph’s foil, Felix the Fixer.  They were all solid but I thought Silverman really stole the show.

The movie appeals to kids but is also a treat for parents.  It was rated 8.4 out of 10 by Metacritic.com.

Click here to learn more about the amazing animation in Wreck it Ralph.

The Wreck it Ralph movie was preceded by a Disney Animation short, “The Paperman,” a black and white cartoon that captures a romance that develops at a train station.  I loved it but my nine year old said it was horrible!  Clearly he is not ready for romance…

2 responses to “Wreck it Ralph is anything but a wreck

  1. LOL! Your nine year “is not ready for romance…”
    There is a Wreck It Ralph meet-and-greet at Starcade in Tomorrowland. Long line for it though, could not handle it.

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