Never mind Disney, didn’t Lucas already mess up the Star Wars franchise?

Star Wars fans are worried that Disney will ruin their beloved Star Wars franchise with Star Wars Episode 7, which is slated for 2015.  However one could argue that George Lucas did that himself when he created the Jar Jar Binks character and when he cast the actors who played the younger and the older Anakin Skywalker.  Both of these actors were annoying but the fellow who played the older Anakin, Hayden Christensen, was beyond abominable. 

Lucas scored with his first three Star Wars movies – and let’s not forget he ripped off the classic Japanese film the “Seven Samurai” with his first Star Wars flick.  But his last three Star Wars movies were about as bad as anything Disney might muster up.

I have read most of the Star Wars novels that continued the Star Wars tales.  They were pretty depressing.  Han Solo and Princess Leia had two boys and a daughter.  Chewbaca got killed protecting the boys after aliens invaded the Star Wars universe and the aliens ended up killing one of the boys later.  The second son  became a Sith and the daughter killed him.

Luke Skywalker married a gal who used to work for the Emperor and they had a son.  I stopped reading the novels when a lost tribe of Sith was chasing Luke and his son all over the place.  So much for the rule of two…

But I have read that the new Star Wars movie will not cover what happened in the novels.  I guess Disney is writing them off. 

Considering the mess Disney made of “John Carter,” I think fans have cause to be concerned.  You can bet that Disney will bet the house on the new Star Wars movies.  But will their bet pay off and will fans be pleased?  We can only hope for the best…and maybe count our lucky stars that Lucas decided to sell out and move on.

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