Disneyland reopens the Indiana Jones ride, but why did they shut it down?

Indiana Jones Ride

Picture courtesy of the Theme Park Guy

“Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure will resume operation on Dec. 8 after a three-month refurbishment,” according to the O.C. Register.

Disneyland reported that they didn’t close down the ride due to concerns about injuries to the public or Cal/OSHA safety violations.

However my own experience, having worked at Disneyland’s safety department, is that sometimes they close down rides because of concerns about known hazards. These might be hazards that Cal/OSHA is not aware of, but if there are situations that are dangerous to Disneyland’s employees then they have to act.

One of the more frequent safety issues at Disneyland is fall protection. Many of their rides require maintenance that can expose employees to falls. They have to be secured while working so sometimes rides get shut down so Disney can add safety equipment, such as fall protection anchors, railings, etc.

They still have this problem at their Small World attraction, as far as I know. Other rides have already been retrofitted.

So why did Disneyland close down the Indiana Jones ride? We may never truly know.

But a Disneyland spokesperson did tell the O.C. Register that “Disney added a new mural in the dart room, and the bridges got a new look with jagged planks. Overall, the ride has undergone “show modifications to enhance lighting, paint, figure animation and other effects.”

Well that makes sense too. Show is very important at Disneyland but when they orient new hires the first thing they tell them is that safety is the first key…

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