Ride Review: The Matterhorn’s Bobsleds


Recently remodeled, a true e-ticket, the Matterhorn Bobsleds is exactly what one expects. A slippery and fast ride through the icy caves, with lots of sharp turns. Begin your expedition by entering the dark caves, the smell of wet asphalt fills the air, you’re headed towards the light. ROAR! The red eyes of the abominable snowman pierce through the curtain of darkness and off you speedily ascend and descend the mountain!

Prepare to be jerked around as the bobsled finds its way through the caves. However, the danger is not the snow or height, you’ll come face-to-face with the snarling snowman!

There are two slopes, one closest to Tomorrowland and another closest to Fantasyland. The Tomorrowland slope is faster, shorter, and scarier. The Fantasyland slope has a slower, longer, less-scary track.

The mountain carries many myths. One of them being that a basketball court exists in the above attic.  Or maybe it does…see the video below.  Fast forward to 5 minutes and thirty seconds…

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