Why did an Anaheim undercover cop run over a Disneyland cast member?

Cop runs over Disneyland Cast Member

Disney cast member run over by undercover cop

“A Disney cast member is in the hospital after being struck by the vehicle of an undercover cop as she was leaving the park,” according to KTLA.

The accident happened at around 10 pm, on Monday night.  A cast member witnessed the accident and reported in a comment on the KTLA article that “This was not a u turn. This is NOT the victims fault. The driver was turning left from magic way onto Disneyland drive and hit her while she was in the crosswalk. I am the witness and I was feet from her in the crosswalk myself. Please report the news correctly. The officer is at fault!”

Why was an Anaheim undercover cop in that area?  It makes no sense.  The Anaheim Police Department assigns a group of policemen to Disneyland.  When I worked there, in the safety department, I met them several times.  There were no undercover cops in their group!

Cop runs over Disney cast member

Picture courtesy of Google Maps

And why would a cop try to make a U-Turn at that intersection? Click here to see the area map on Google.  I am guessing that the cop was going south on Disneyland Drive, then he made the U-Turn, at the crosswalk seen in the picture above, and ran over the unfortunate cast member.

Alicia Handy

The cast member who saw the accident reported in a comment on the KTLA article that “Yes, the idea that the officer was making a U-turn does not make sense. If he/she was, that means he/she would have had a green light and no pedestrians in front of the car.”

ABC News reported that “According to Anaheim police, the woman was transported to a local hospital where she was treated for non-life threatening injuries.”

Her brother Brandon reported in a comment on the KTLA article that she is doing fine.

The mother of another cast member has additional concerns about cast member safety around the Disneyland Resort, as reported in a comment on the KTLA article:

Hope she’s okay. My thoughts and prayers are with her. I have a daughter who is a cast member and I am constantly worried about all of the traffic in that area. They recently made things worse by taking off 15 minute parking on Harbor Blvd. to add a drop off zone which is causing more traffic. These annoying cabs hogging up the spaces and people walking all over the place. Cars cutting each other off, honking at each other and cast members trying to get to their rides walking in front of vehicles that may or may not be ready to take off. It’s scary!! And its an accident waiting to happen. I don’t know who thought this would be better. Like so many things at Disneyland. They don’t know when to leave well enough alone.

She is right.  It is a matter of time before another cast member gets hurt, on Harbor.

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