Family sues Disneyland after their kid is ignored by a possibly racist Donald Duck

Racist Donald Duck

Click here to watch the ABC 10 Video News report about this new lawsuit against Disneyland.

“A second family has come forward with claims that a Disneyland character ignored their children because of the color of their skin. In a photo, a smiling 5-year-old Razzi White stands near a Star Wars stormtrooper. His mother, Nastasia White, said it was the only photo he took that day with a character, but he wanted one more,” according to ABC 10 News.

Razzi White

The stormtrooper played ball but when the White family tried to get the attention of a Disneyland cast member in a Donald Duck costume he ignored little Razzi.  After three minutes the White family walked away but when they looked back Donald was hugging a bunch of little white children, after he refused to touch African American youngster Razzi.

The family complained to a Disney employee who “laughed off their initial complaints before they tracked down a manager the next day.”

Eventually the family was offered Disneyland passes that would allow them to get onto attractions without waiting.  But that did not mollify them.  They have since hired attorney Dan Gilleon, who is also representing the family who had a run-in with a racist White Rabbit at Disneyland.  Gilleon says he is hearing from many other families who have had similar experiences.

What the heck is going on at Disneyland?

4 responses to “Family sues Disneyland after their kid is ignored by a possibly racist Donald Duck

  1. What the heck is going on? Opportunists….

  2. Racism declared by racists looking for the big lottery win. Disgusting to say the least. Hopefully Disneyland fights it every step of the way and wins, costing the racists every penny of their lifetime of welfare checks.

  3. Wow so now white people are being racist in Disney Land to little black children . Just what will the devil think of next?

  4. What would the family call it if it turns out that inside that Donald Duck or White Rabbit costume was a black man?

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