Another White Rabbit at Disneyland caught allegedly mistreating a family

Angry White Rabbit at Disneyland

New video obtained by 10News appears to show a Disneyland character — the White Rabbit — behaving badly by cursing and getting physical,” according to ABC 10News.

The video was shot on a phone by Manuel Carlos.  After one of his daughters “pulls on the tail of the White Rabbit, his other daughter, 14-year-old Jocelyn, also takes a turn.”

The cast member in the White Rabbit costume then allegedly freaked out and even cursed at the family.

In a statement, Disney told ABC 10News that:

“This seems to be a blatant attempt by a lawyer to generate publicity for a case that has no merit. If anything, all this video shows is a family of misbehaving guests deliberately provoking a character for their own malicious amusement.”

It sure seems like the folks at Disneyland are blaming the victims!

7 responses to “Another White Rabbit at Disneyland caught allegedly mistreating a family

  1. Maybe. But, why should Disney take the total blame for an incident caused by a couple of brats with poor manners who aren’t being controlled by their parents?

    • The strange part of this is that normally the costumed cast members are accompanied by handlers. Where was this White Rabbit’s handler?

      But really there is no excuse for this alleged behavior. Guests will do stupid things but you cannot go postal on them. It is bad show, as Walt would say.

  2. I agree, Art. But, neither should “guests” be allowed to reap a monetary benefit when they clearly instigated the issue. It’s too bad this nanny state doesn’t require the licensing of parents.

    • This family actually only stepped forward when they heard about the other two families that are suing Disneyland. With this many incidents it is clear that Disneyland has some retraining to do…

  3. This family was harassing the character. I see nothing more than reasonable self defense in that video. If the character had simply let them walk away they’d have kept doing it.

    • I think what compounds this mess is the other two families who are alleging mistreatment by a White Rabbit character at Disneyland. But again where was this cast member’s handler? Why was the cast member left to fend for him or herself?

      • filminghisBetter yet, where are the brats parents. Oh yeah, he is busy filming because he thought it was cute for the little monster to harass the Disney character. After all, isn’t that what they get paid for?

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