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Are Disneyland’s fireworks worth the noise and nuisance?

“Disneyland Park has offered a fireworks show every summer since 1956. At first, fireworks fuses were lit by hand, but by the 1960s an electronic system launched the shells, the shows carefully synchronized to music. By 2000, the fireworks had become far more elaborate, with Tinker Bell and Dumbo flying overhead. To reduce noise and pollution, Disney patented an air launch pyrotechnics system, which was put to use in 2004. Disney later opened the patent on the system so that others could enjoy the benefits of “greener” pyrotechnics,” according to Disneyland’s website.

“The loud noise torments some of the neighbors, forcing them to put thick windows to block the noise or move away from the city. After many complaints to the city of Anaheim, there seems no way out,” according to the Magical Theme Park blog. Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at the Downtown Disney District


St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at the Downtown Disney District

Put on your greenest garb and get ready for some St. Patrick’s Day fun! Feast on authentic Irish food and beverages, as well as some that are inspired by this festive celebration that has everyone seeing green.

Dates: March 15-17, 2013

Get in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with Irish-themed specialty food & drinks and live entertainment: Continue reading