Disneyland shutting down the Matterhorn for testing, on April 16


Disneyland is planning to shut down the popular Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction for “testing,” starting on April 16, according to Disneyland’s website.

The Mouse for Less website reports that the Matterhorn will be shut down through April 19 and also from April 22-26, 2013.

The Matterhorn has had trouble for years – initially they had a lot of corrosion issues due to humidity and poorly treated steel surfaces.  I know this because a good friend of mine was hired awhile ago as a corrosion consultant at Disneyland.

Here is some background on the Matterhorn’s history, courtesy of Disneyland’s website:

Walt Disney fell in love with the real Matterhorn in Switzerland while filming the 1959 live-action film Third Man on the Mountain. Back at Disneyland Park, Walt decided to cover a forested 20-foot-high mound named Holiday Hill with artificial snow, add a toboggan run and rename it Snow Hill. However, Walt always dreamed big, and his “hill” grew into a 147-foot-tall “mountain.”

Innovation was an integral part of Walt Disney’s character. Matterhorn Bobsleds is not only the first roller-coaster-style attraction at Disneyland Park, it is also the very first tubular steel roller coaster in the world.

Another bit of trivia: No other Disney Park in the world has a Matterhorn Mountain. This iconic attraction at Disneyland Park is indeed one-of-a-kind.

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