Former Disneyland horse being neglected, according to the Human Society

Travis the Horse

The Humane Society told 10News it has an opened an investigation in Poway into the possible neglect of a horse named Travis, that used to work in Disneyland.

Rebecca Kuritz told 10News she has made several attempts to help Travis’ owner, Molly Bland, take better care of the horse. Kuritz said the Belgian horse that  is being left to rot.

“His tail is covered in fecal material, he has chronic diarrhea and his bones are protruding back here on his hips,” Kuritz said.

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2 responses to “Former Disneyland horse being neglected, according to the Human Society

  1. ellen larson

    He was never a disney horse, he was not neglected, he was just an old horse with worms. He was passed as healthy by a vet and the Humane society at the conclusion of their investigation and started on a daily worming program. He’s thin, yes, he’s also massively arthritic so being thin is easier on his joints. He’s reached a point where he’s on meds to keep him comfortable from joint pain but he’s still kept thin to reduce the weight his joints must tolerate. This was a case of a person looking for fifteen minutes of fame. Evidenced by this blog, she’d get much more attention if the horse she’s claiming to “save” had a connection to Disneyland. He did not. Shame on her and shame on you for not doing due diligence before posting this.

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