Disneyland shuts down rides due to safety violations

cal osha

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has prompted Disneyland to shut down Space Mountain, Matterhorn, and Soarin’ Over California due to inadequate safety features, according to MiceChat.

Of these violations, one is a general, three are willful, one serious and one repeat offense. The State is penalizing the Resort a whopping $234,850.00.

It is surprising that Disneyland has not addressed the problems at Space Mountain. In October 2012, a worker who was cleaning the facade slid off and was injured.

When Disneyland refurbished Matterhorn last year, they installed a number of safety railings. The reason why the State is violating the Resort for this attraction is still a mystery.

Disney seems to have a record for inadequate safety features. OSHA found that the Alice in Wonderland attraction was unsafe. Disney then placed temporary railings along the track.

Reports are saying that these rides will be closed the entire weekend. DOSH will return next week to inspect the remaining rides.

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  1. that sucks shit

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