Will Monsters University be the new Cars 2?

Monsters University Cars

Disney/Pixar’s upcoming Monsters University feature is “the first Pixar movie in memory that is basically registering as ‘no big deal’ to the film community,” according to Forbes.

Since 2010, Pixar has released only one original film, Brave, along with three based on previous properties: Toy Story 3, Cars 2, and Monsters University (the Monsters, Inc. prequel coming to theaters this summer), according to Slate.

But wait, there are more Pixar sequels on the way, including Finding Dory, the follow-up to Finding Nemo, and Mark Andrews, the director of Disney-Pixar’s Brave, recently stated that he would be up for making a sequel to the film—provided that they can find the right story, according to Tor.

Pixar movies used to be special but my ten-year old son asked me this week if Monsters University is going to be the new Cars 2.  Good grief.  Even the kids know that Disney is killing the Pixar golden goose with these lame sequels!

Monsters University looks like it may have a laugh or two but the problem with this film is the same problem that we saw with Cars 2.  The original movies mattered.  They were touching and you could not help but shed a tear or two when watching them.  You cannot say that for these sequels.  They are clearly engineered to sell products.

Disney execs have also indicated that eventually they hope to make a new Star Wars feature every year.  I sense a vast disturbance in the force.  Star Wars creator George Lucas already killed the franchise with his last three movies.  Imagine the train wreck that is coming now that Disney is in charge?  Sure, JJ Abrams might do a good job with his first Star Wars sequel, but there is no way that he is going to be involved with making a new Star Wars movie every year. 

The greedy Disney execs just cannot squeeze consumers enough.  But you know what?  This is all going to backfire.  And Forbes is predicting that the summer’s big animated feature will be Universal’s Despicable Me 2, not Monsters University.  That has to be terribly galling to Disney’s execs as they absolutely loathe Universal Studios, which competes with them in the realm of amusement parks too.

4 responses to “Will Monsters University be the new Cars 2?

  1. I was not a big fan of the original Despicable Me and was a HUGE fan of Monsters Inc. That makes me want to see Monsters University and not Despicable Me 2. I have found that the case with many other people too.

    • My 10 year old son and I loved Monsters Inc. But we liked Despicable Me too. I want to see Monsters University but without Boo, will there be much emotional subtext or will this turn into Cars 2 – which really went off the rails?

  2. It’s not Disney’s fault that Pixar is choosing to make a sequel/prequel. John Lasseter is in charge of what comes out of Pixar, he’s even in charge of what comes out of Disney’s Animation Department as well as imagineering(the one’s who come up with the ideas and build new rides, lands, etc in the Disney theme parks). So if anyone is to blame for the perhaps lackluster slate of films coming out of The Lamp lately it’s their own John Lasseter not Disney’s other heads.

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