Disney dry ice bomber freed by an Orange County Superior Court Judge

Christian Barnes

Superior Court Judge Nicholas S. Thompson ordered the man who set off two dry ice bombs at Disney’s Toon Town, 22-year-old Christian Barnes, released on his own recognizance today, according to CBS News.

His bail had previously been set at $1 million dollars.  No one was hurt by the dry ice bombs.

Thompson said that after reviewing the case, he does not believe Barnes had malicious intent in the blasts prosecutors believe he set. “Your conduct was immature at best and frightening,” he said. “It doesn’t appear to be more, at least at this stage, than that,” as reported by the O.C. Register.

Deputy District Attorney Andrew Katz opposed the release over public safety concerns given the lack of information about Barnes, according to CBS News.

That is of course ridiculous.  If the OCDA doesn’t know who Barnes is by now then they are pretty lame.  He was a Disney cast member who did something stupid and is paying the price for it.  But one million dollars bail?  That was never justifiable and Judge Thompson did the right thing by letting Barnes out of jail.

The OCDA should stop wasting our tax money and accept a settlement from Barnes for time served and a fine.  He won’t do something this stupid again and his life should not be ruined by one awful mistake.

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