Disneyland celebrates 58 years since Walt Disney opened the resort

Guests apparently celebrated Disneyland’s 58th birthday yesterday by dancing with costumed cast members, on Main St., according to the O.C. Register.

It was 58 years ago, on July 17, 1955, that Walt Disney stood inside the entrance to Disneyland, welcoming “all who come to this happy place” for the first time, according to Sherry Barkcas at Mydesert.

Disneyland also celebrated its 58th anniversary this past Tuesday with special presentations by Disney artist and historian Stacia Martin. The event, held inside the Main Street Opera House, was for Annual Passholders only and wrist band registration was required for a seat, according to MiceChat.

What would Walt Disney think of what the Disney Company has done to his beloved resort?  Prices are higher than ever – so most Southern California families just cannot afford to visit the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

Is this what Walt had in mind?  I cannot imagine that it is.

Is the park still fun to visit?  Of course it is.  When you can get it – lately the blackout days have been constant for most passholders.

I hear that they are slowly going to turn Tomorrowland into a Star Wars land.  They better hope that JJ Abrams’ Star Wars reboot is not a flop!  He has a good track record but look what happened to John Carter and to the Lone Ranger!

Disneyland is sure to prevail but I wish the Disney Company wasn’t so greedy.

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