Reviewers: Mickey and the Magical Map isn’t very magical

Prices at Disneyland are higher than ever – most passes are blocked now and there are many rides that either are not working or are working but are not in great shape.

So to distract us from all of these negatives, Disneyland recently launched a new live show – “Mickey and the Magical Map.”  The reviews are now in – and for the most part they aren’t good.

Here is how one Yelper described the new show:

Mickey is an apprentice to Master Yensid (Disney spelled backwards). As he is just an apprentice, he is isn’t yet experienced with the Magical Map. He notices a spot hasn’t been finished, so as an apprentice he decides to help out thinking that if he is helpful, he will become a map maker.

The spot becomes alive and moves around the map while Mickey tries to paint it. As he chases Spot around the map, the map becomes alive. We soon find ourselves in the jungle.  King Louie from the Jungle Book comes out and begins to sing “I Wanna Be Like You”.

To me, there is no story to Mickey and the Magical Map. It’s just a bunch of song sequences with Mickey chasing the spot as filler. It would have made more sense if Mickey were somehow included into the musical segments.  But we only see Mickey in between each sequence. 

Next up are a trio of princesses: Pocahontas, Mulan and Rapunzel. From there we are whisked under the sea with Sebastian. We come back to shore for an animated song and dance from Lilo & Stitch. Then Princess Tiana and her riverboat close the show, according to Theme Park Insider.

Mickey and the Magical Map

The L.A. Times reviewer found the “Under the Sea” number by Sebastian the crab from “The Little Mermaid” to be the least successful number of the show. I couldn’t get over the fact that the puppeteer singing the lead vocal had his hands shoved deep inside the backside of the crab’s shell. He looked way too much like an obstetrician delivering a newborn crustacean — a visual I couldn’t get out of my head.

And here is what a reviewer on MiceChat had to say about this show: First of all, it’s great to have a show back in the Fantasyland Theater – and the new Magical Map show is far better than the dreadful Snow White show… But …(an this is a really BIG “but”) with the new show it’s as if the princesses never left the theater. Now they’re just singing & dancing recycled songs in a musical review. Disney entertainment seriously needs to hire someone with a little testosterone and create something besides princess shows. This show has great technology – but it feels so redundant. The new songs are totally forgettable and the story is totally an after-thought to the musical review stuff. Honestly, does Disney give a rip about boys – or has it become a place that only caters to princess-wannabes?

And a reviewer at the Hollywood Reporter didn’t like the show either: It’s hard to escape the feeling, however, that the Magical Map began as a cruise ship revue and might play better to a, shall we say, captive audience.

Here is the full show if you would like to see it for yourself:

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