Did a drone buzz Disney’s California Adventures last week?

Disney Drone

According to a Disney Resort employee who asked not to be identified, a small drone zipped around the California Adventure theme park late last week, as reported by the Lake Forest Patch.

The FAA and various government agencies had nothing to say about the report, according to LA Observed.

The anonymous employee said  that a group of employees saw the 3-foot-long craft with propellers floating about 40 feet overhead. Some employees waved at it, because they assumed there was a camera on board. It had a flashing blue light, and the employee said, “It looked like a flying spider,” as reported by LAIST.

Disney spokeswoman Suzi Brown also discounted the report. “I was at work Friday … [so] I would have known about it,” she said. Disney’s security chief likewise heard nothing, Brown told the Lake Forest Patch.

Disney works with state, local and federal agencies on security issues.  Disney is also heavily involved in politics, at every level.  They do conduct occasional drills and I have no doubt that this could have happened – with their coordination, and that they are lying about it now.

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