How much will Disney lose on all their ridiculous Lone Ranger merchandise?

The poor performance of Disney’s summer Lone Ranger movie will cost the company between $160 million and $190 million in losses during the current quarter, the company’s CFO said on Tuesday, as reported by Investor Place.

But never mind what they blew on the movie – what about all the ridiculous Lone Ranger merchandise?  They really went way overboard!  The Lone Ranger was rated PG-13, which cut out a lot of family audiences, and post-release audience demographics showed that the movie was mostly popular with people over 50, yet Disney made a ton of Lone Ranger toys and other products for kids.  What were Disney’s merchandisers smoking?

Lone Ranger Tonto Costume

Was it really necessary to make a Tonto kid costume?  Really?

Lone Ranger Pin Set

Or an $80 pin set?

Lone Ranger IPad Sleeve

A $45 IPad sleeve?

Lone Ranger Hoodie

A Lone Ranger $36 hoodie?

Lone Ranger Vinylmations

And of course Lone Ranger Vinylmation figures.

This stuff is all half of now at the Disney Stores and online.

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