Amazing dad made the best Disney Halloween costume ever!

A dad in Sacramento named Robert Cockerham had a pretty wild idea for a Halloween costume – he decided to make a costume of Disneyland!  And boy did he pull it off.

Click here to see sixty pictures of Cockerham’s design, from the initial drawings to the finished product.

Robert Cockham's Disneyland Halloween Costume

Click here to read about the costume-making process, in Cockerham’s own words.  Here is an excerpt:

I used Adobe Fireworks to print out a giant version of the map across 70 sheets of paper. I glued these down in place on a large (6½’ x 4′) sheet of styrofoam. The sheet wasn’t wide enough, so I added two wings to the side to make it about seven and a half feet wide.

Kudos to Cockerman, whose son helped him make the video above.  What a great dad!

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