Disney Paris’ union leaders described as “incompetent and illiterate” in new report

Christmas at Disneyland Paris

An attempt to improve relations between bosses and staff at Disneyland Paris went wrong after a management-commissioned report described union leaders as incompetent and illiterate, according to The Guardian.

Here are a few key excerpts from The Guardian’s article:

Staff at the theme park were furious after the survey, based on anonymous interviews with workers, questioned the intelligence and even the ability to spell of their representatives.

On Wednesday, after Le Parisien newspaper leaked the report, one union leader said his members were scandalised.

The report was commissioned by Disneyland Paris, with the support of the unions, from the French Superior Institute of Work (IST) and was aimed at improving relations between management and workers.

According to Le Parisien, the report concluded there were serious misunderstandings between different unions represented at the park, and questioned the motivations of certain union leaders.

However, the most damning part questioned not just the competence but the “low level of general knowledge” among staff representatives.

The report suggested talks between management and union leaders often broke down because the latter had “problems of expressing themselves, of spelling and of understanding”.

One member of staff told the IST: “We are face to face with people … who are educated, when we are just cooks.”

A suicidal Disneyland Paris worker poured petrol over himself and had to be restrained from setting himself alight by a colleague after he was summoned to a meeting with the theme park bosses, according to the Daily Mail, in November of this year.

The grim revelation adds to mounting speculation about working conditions at the most visited tourist site in Europe which had already seen two employee suicides in the past few years.

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