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Disney Paris’ union leaders described as “incompetent and illiterate” in new report

Christmas at Disneyland Paris

An attempt to improve relations between bosses and staff at Disneyland Paris went wrong after a management-commissioned report described union leaders as incompetent and illiterate, according to The Guardian.

Here are a few key excerpts from The Guardian’s article: Continue reading

Five-year old boy injured on Disneyland Paris Pirates ride

Disneyland Paris Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

A five-year-old boy was in a Paris children’s hospital on Thursday after being “seriously injured” at the Disneyland amusement park near the French capital. Iban, who was with his father, fell out of a boat on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, according to RFI.

During the ride, the boy leaned back and somehow fell out of his boat and was   hit by another just behind. The child’s father immediately jumped out to   recover him, but not quick enough to prevent the accident, according to the Telegraph UK. Continue reading

Disney CEO petitioned to repair the mess at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris a pigsty

It’s supposed to be a magical place, but visitors to Disneyland Paris are increasingly disenchanted. Complaints include broken rides, re-heated food with high prices and a dearth of live shows.  And visitors are starting a Disney-rant, according to RFI.

A multilingual petition to Bob Iger asks for Disney’s CEO and top management to do something about the (frankly, pretty terrible) condition of Disneyland Paris, a park I’ve stopped visiting (though it’s closest to me), due to the poor staffing, poor maintenance, bad (and expensive) food and hotels, and large number of out-of-service attractions and shows, according to boing boing. Continue reading

Saudi Prince spends $20 million dollars on a private party at Disneyland Paris

Palestinian Mickey

A Saudi prince spent nearly 15 million euros ($20 million) last month on a three-day vacation at Disneyland Paris, according to the Washington Times.

According to Gulf News, Prince Fahad Al Saud booked out vast swaths of the theme park on May 22-24 for more than 60 guests, apparently because he finished a university degree. Continue reading