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Family sues Disneyland after their kid is ignored by a possibly racist Donald Duck

Racist Donald Duck

Click here to watch the ABC 10 Video News report about this new lawsuit against Disneyland.

“A second family has come forward with claims that a Disneyland character ignored their children because of the color of their skin. In a photo, a smiling 5-year-old Razzi White stands near a Star Wars stormtrooper. His mother, Nastasia White, said it was the only photo he took that day with a character, but he wanted one more,” according to ABC 10 News. Continue reading

Did Disneyland hire a racist White Rabbit?

Racist White Rabbit with Jason Black Jr.

Click here to see a video news story by Fox News about this lawsuit.

“A local family filed a lawsuit Monday against Disneyland over claims of racism. In August 2012, Annelia Black and her family took a trip to Disneyland to celebrate her nephew’s birthday. Upon entering the gate, the White Rabbit — a character from “Alice and Wonderland” — greeted the family,” according to ABC 10 News.

10News obtained a photo that was snapped of the smiling birthday boy next to the character. But moments earlier, the family said there was an odd exchange between the character and the child, who was reaching out. Continue reading

Despite denials, Disneyland does have brass surfaces that tested high in lead

A year ago we found out that “Dozens of leaded-glass windows and brass rail chains, door knobs and drinking water fountains at some of Disneyland’s most popular attractions expose children to high levels of lead, according to an environmental group seeking a court injunction Tuesday to require the amusement park to cover the items or post health warnings,” according to the L.A. Times.

The Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation filed the lawsuit against Disney.  You can read their full report here.  It is pretty shocking.

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