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Hilarious video of little girl unimpressed by news of a Disney trip

This video is priceless!  A little girl named Lily absolutely loses it when she finds out that she is not going to school but is instead going to Disneyland for three days.

But the kicker is that her little sister Chloe who is totally unimpressed by the news! Continue reading

You have to watch this amazing time lapse video of a day at Disneyland!

Welcome to The Magic – A Disneyland Timelapse from Givot on Vimeo.

Matt Givot took his camera to Disneyland a few months ago and snapped images fast, really fast, roughly at a speed of one photo every two seconds. Why? He wanted to compress a trip to Disneyland into a minute-and-a-half thrill ride, according to the Los Angeles Times. Continue reading

Another White Rabbit at Disneyland caught allegedly mistreating a family

Angry White Rabbit at Disneyland

New video obtained by 10News appears to show a Disneyland character — the White Rabbit — behaving badly by cursing and getting physical,” according to ABC 10News.

The video was shot on a phone by Manuel Carlos.  After one of his daughters “pulls on the tail of the White Rabbit, his other daughter, 14-year-old Jocelyn, also takes a turn.” Continue reading

Monster University opening on December 19!

Disney Pixar’s Monster University is opening on December 19.  I can’t wait!  Click here to see all of the Disney Pixar Monster University teaser videos.